Welcome to Colton Risk
Management Consulting, LLC.

Our experienced professionals can help protect your business against:

  • Financial Uncertainties
  • Legal Liabilities
  • Technology Issues
  • Strategic Management Errors
  • Accidents
  • Natural Disasters

You can count on Colton Risk Management to help you solve the insurance and risk management challenges you face in your business using a comprehensive three step process – Assess, Analyze and Advise.

1. Assess

We collect the pertinent information necessary to understand the issues and risks that may impact your business.

  • Threats to your Balance Sheet
  • Accruals for assumption of risk
  • Evaluating self-insurance options
  • Understanding the source of claims
  • Claim reduction strategies
  • Making actuarial data work for you

2. Analyze

We thoroughly evaluate the challenges and issues to identify and develop potential solutions to those issues.

  • Review information gathered
  • Consider unique conditions of your situation
  • Create multiple solution options

3. Advise

We clearly present the problem or challenge and provide options regarding what the solutions can be and recommendations on the pros and cons of each potential solution.

  • Customize solutions to your needs
  • Reduce risks and losses
  • Serve as an outsourced Risk Management partner
  • Increase efficiency, safety and profitability

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“Richard Colton has a wonderful work ethic and is a great communicator. He thinks about projects in such a creative way. Rich always shows appreciation for everyone on his team and no matter how busy he is, he will take the time to help you understand questions you may have. His knowledge and extensive background in the insurance industry shows through each and every day”.

Sari Rudmann

Chief Of Staff at PJN Strategies LLC

“Richard Colton is a superb negotiator, strategist and team player. He does a masterful job of understanding what a company does for a business and what the company needs to get done to grow its business. He has built a strong network of useful relationships that he can call upon to benefit a client.”

Pamela Newman

President PJN Strategies