1) Who are we?
We are a consulting firm. Our focus is insurance related problems and or insurance related solutions.

2) What do we do?
We do risk management consulting, we claim analysis outsource risk management and work on anything that uses insurance capital to solve problems

3) What are the do’s and don’ts of consulting
The do’s are assist the clients broker to find the most advantageous solution the and the don’ts are being polite while also giving your best advice to give you the result you need

4) How do we contact you?
You can find our contact numbers and emails on the bottom of our website.

5) Why do I need you?
We add another dimension to the problem solving equation, while being constructive and helpful.

6) What are your credentials?
45 years of running various private equity practices in the insurance community.

7) How do you differ from a broker?
We are not practicing brokers and don’t place business in the marketplace. We offer help and another set of eyes on your insurance program or problem.

8) How to use a consultant?
We offer the following review and analysis of current and future programs, claim analysis and loss pick assistance, and outsource risk management in a broker friendly way. Sometimes we are used to do projects or to solve problems.

9) How involved will you be?
As involved as you want us to be. We have a custom offering that suits all the needs you want.

10) How do I start?
Contact us to start a meeting or give us a project or assignment to complete.

11) How can you maximize my results?
We can maximize your results by building a strong relationship between you, your broker and us. With 45 years of experience in the business we have seen it all and give you insight on problems your broker won’t know how to answer.

12) Will you run broker/carrier RFPs
Yes we will provide both if requested. We will both write the proposal and monitor the process.

13) Will you assist in acquisitions or divestitures?
Yes, we will work with your broker to perform this service. We will also allow you to broaden the number of brokers to be considered to maximize your results.

14) Will you manage the post claims management process?
Yes, we will build a process to maximize cost reductions and to build a stable process.